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  • Back to basics

    You have been a wellness entrepreneur for a while. Your focus may have been derailed due to being in survival mode, meaning you are pressed to fill your schedule book so you can pay rent and other necessities. If you don’t have any other income stream, your energy will have become heavy, meaning that others…

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  • Sessa takuma 切磋琢磨

    Sessa takuma 切磋琢磨

    Being an entrepreneur is often lonely. I believe in using sessa takuma to make this lonely journey into a joyful, exciting one where you will grow exponentially. I will use an example I observed to explain sessa takuma. I was born in a family which cultivated their own future by creating our own business. I…

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  • Why your business isn’t taking off

    Why your business isn’t taking off

    There are two main focuses in business. Most of us focus on only one half of this pair. When we start to balance both focuses, the building blocks of your business start to take shape. 1: Study business. When we first start our business, we need to study how to develop our business. This is…

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  • Wellness practitioner attire

    Wellness practitioner attire

    Professionally groomed, smile and uniform. Being professionally groomed your hair and having a smile brings higher vibration towards potential clients. You always want to give a good impression to your potential clients.  This does not mean that you have always been made up by professionals. However, so many have neglected the importance of this, and…

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