About Mayumi ™

Hello! This is Mayumi.

My name is pronounced like “My, you, me” in English, encapsulates “Truth, Freedom, and Beauty”.

With profound connections to Japan’s rich culture, my journey in the perpetually evolving wellness industry has been nothing short of transformative. I initiated my path with the launch of a holistic salon in Maryland in 2008. Over time, this establishment has become a beacon for those seeking balance in body, mind, and spirit.

Educational stints at a renowned esthetic school in the U.S. and mentorship by the legendary Carol Walderman have only deepened my comprehension of the multifaceted wellness domain. As an energy worker and Quantum-Touch Levels 1 & 2 instructor, my reach has extended globally, offering remote healing from Europe to Southeast Asia. Notably, my voice resonates on several esteemed English-speaking podcasts, and my expertise was showcased at Canada’s pioneering Quantum Touch Retreat in July 2023.

My passion to nurture and guide stems from observing the boundless potential within the wellness industry. While it houses practitioners with immense dedication and a genuine drive to assist others, many grapple with essential business decisions. With a distinctive blend of my intuitive energy work and actionable advice rooted in my personal experiences, I’ve devised a methodology to bridge this gap.

My mission isn’t merely about numerical accomplishments; it’s about enabling professionals to uphold their authenticity while navigating the business landscape effectively.

From newcomers setting an initial milestone of $1,000 per month to seasoned experts aiming for monthly turnovers beyond $8,500, I’ve catered to a spectrum of clients. While some beam with six-figure successes, the essence of my joy is in witnessing their profound transformations. I remember a dedicated client who, after integrating our collaborative strategy, not only doubled their sales in one year but quadrupled it the following year.

If your vision aligns with a wellness journey seeking monthly sales anywhere from starting milestones to ambitious six-figure annual targets, I’m here to illuminate your path. Subscribe to my wellness-focused newsletter for curated insights and offerings, all sculpted to champion your success. Together, let’s craft your story, step by step.

Warm regards,

Mayumi Pachkoski