• How to find your niche

    How to find your niche

    Define yourself and your target audience(client) What kind of services do you offer and who you are serving? These are especially important questions. You must have at least one service that you are confident about and can deliver the result that clients are looking for. You might say that you can do many things, however, […]

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  • Back to basics

    You have been a wellness entrepreneur for a while. Your focus may have been derailed due to being in survival mode, meaning you are pressed to fill your schedule book so you can pay rent and other necessities. If you don’t have any other income stream, your energy will have become heavy, meaning that others […]

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  • Magic number three

    Magic number three

    Most people can do three things a day. I call this the magic number three. I would like to think about it on a deeper level, so I will write some examples, and I want you to try it. Your life and business will have more agility, stability, and stride. 1: Even if you are […]

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  • Four seasons of business

    Four seasons of business

    There are four seasons in business, too. When you know these four seasons, you will understand what and what not to do. We are living in an easy time where everything can be done instantly. However, things take time in business. Let’s look at those four seasons.  1: Planting season You are taking action to […]

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  • Intuition or impulse

    Intuition or impulse

    Wellness entrepreneurs, especially energy workers, are often confused by intuition and impulse. While there could be a remarkably similar feeling, the two are quite different. Unfortunately, when you drive your business via impulse, your business will have difficulty sustaining itself. Let’s find out if you are trusting your intuition or acting on impulse. If you […]

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  • To get to your goals/destinations

    To get to your goals/destinations

    If you are starting out as a wellness entrepreneur, this may be hard to imagine. However, my recommendation is to start training your mind to set certain goals in a year later. Set your first destination as a goal Without any destination, you will get lost. You are captain of your own ship, meaning that […]

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  • If you want to sell at ease, don’t sell.

    If you want to sell at ease, don’t sell.

    Many people are confused with marketing. Being busy posting signing up for your services, announcing your current services all the time on social media.  If you want to sell, your social media post doesn’t have to be an advertisement. We bombarded with many unwanted solicitations via robot calls, spam emails and so forth. Your post […]

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  • Human adaptogen

    Human adaptogen

    I’ve had a few people in the past show as human adaptogens. When we work on making people well, we may encounter these people – hence, I wanted to share some information. what is adaptogen Adaptogens are plants and mushrooms which usually grow in very harsh, difficult climates. They may grow in deserts or extremely […]

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  • Business mindset: Haisui no jin 背水之陣 Backwater formation

    Business mindset: Haisui no jin 背水之陣 Backwater formation

    This has served my life again and again. I often take out wisdom from my culture, especially from Samurai. Their life was devoted to being warriors, always facing life/death. They had to train their minds unshakably in difficult circumstances. What is Haisui no jin Haisui no jin is translated backwater formation. You are outnumbered comparing […]

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  • Kaizen will transform your business and life

    Kaizen will transform your business and life

    Have you ever heard the word, Kaizen? Kaizen means to keep improving. Many Japanese people have Kaizen in mind and thus try to improve themselves and their work. When we apply Kaizen, our work environment and life both become clearer and flow more smoothly, at ease. 1: Check unnecessary items. If you have something to […]

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  • Nana Korobi Ya Oki 七転び八起き

    Nana Korobi Ya Oki 七転び八起き

    When you start a new journey, you learn through mistakes. However, the pain of falling can be so painful that you feel you don’t want to keep going. The wellness business journey is the same. No one is immune to these experiences. If you are in that situation now, feeling stuck and unable to move […]

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