Wellness practitioner attire

Professionally groomed, smile and uniform.

Being professionally groomed your hair and having a smile brings higher vibration towards potential clients.

You always want to give a good impression to your potential clients.  This does not mean that you have always been made up by professionals. However, so many have neglected the importance of this, and it creates an image of being unkempt and unprofessional.

After you are professionally groomed, take a selfie with a smile! That should be good enough to use as your professional profile picture. You do not need to get a professional photographer to take your profile picture. People want to know your real face and feel your vibe.

If you worry about your attire, wear a uniform so you do not have to keep purchasing new clothes. There are many kinds of Spa uniforms that you can purchase online. I personally use Noel Asmar and here is the link.


They are durable and look very professional. Uniforms last long and are worth the investment. You can also claim this as a uniform expense when completing your taxes. And this way, you will not need to keep buying new clothes.