Why your business isn’t taking off

There are two main focuses in business. Most of us focus on only one half of this pair. When we start to balance both focuses, the building blocks of your business start to take shape.

1: Study business.

When we first start our business, we need to study how to develop our business. This is one of the huge missing links for aspiring entrepreneurs. They may start one business, then quit and move to another, thinking that the grass is greener.

The issue isn’t that the type of business is not suitable for them. Without studying how to develop your business, whatever the field, you won’t get extremely far. It doesn’t matter if you change businesses.

This is one of the biggest missing points for entrepreneurs. Some people honestly believe that you don’t need to learn this aspect and it blows my mind!

Don’t listen to those people that say you don’t need to learn and study.

These people are not real entrepreneurs, and their businesses are not doing well.

Have they really accomplished what you’re aiming for? Research the facts! Many of them may be in the industry but have just been surviving for years.

2: Energetic work to release your success blockage.

Success means different things to different people. Some may have a deeply engraved fear of lacking money, resulting in difficulty earning money.

Some may lack support or self-belief, while I’ve had other people who had a deep fear of success. I often detect the need to address these issues before the actual consultation.

I had one of my business consulting clients turn into an energy work client before I did any consulting. You may be able to relate to it. My intuition was that this person had to clear something before we did business consulting, as this person was confused and unable to move forward.

Both business learning and spiritual clearing by energy work need to be done to have healthy, steady growth of one’s business.

Business consulting relies on only numbers and spiritual consulting only promotes spiritual healing. They often combat each other, resulting in most of us being left confused. Are you doing only one of these two or none?

By doing both, your life and business will evolve simultaneously.