How to build a solid wellness business

When you first start your wellness business, you’ll tend to develop just one leg of the business. For instance, if you do yoga then you’ll just teach a Yoga class. While this is a good start, you aren’t building a solid, sturdy business.

I recommend three legs of business, which I call Mayumi’s tripod theory.

When you have three legs and one of them breaks or grows weak, your tripod will still be able to stand with just two legs. In business, many of us focus on developing one leg. I’ve seen many wellness colleagues who felt secure simply filling up their schedule – some even had waiting lists.

Then, suddenly, your health conditions or other circumstances change, and you need to take time off your work. Your earnings go down to zero.

Therefore, I always recommend my consulting clients build at least three legs of whatever business they conduct.

Here are some examples:

  • Teach workshops and hold webinars
  • Create offers of services online
  • Merchandise sales
  • Conduct special retreats

Be proactive

After you realize that you need different approaches to business, it’s already too late. Why? Because it takes a while to build those other legs to a sufficient level where they create an income flow of incomes.

Anyone can start a business, but few will build a sturdy business. When you have at least three legs of business, you have the agility and flexibility to adapt to new situations.