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  • Four seasons of business

    Four seasons of business

    There are four seasons in business, too. When you know these four seasons, you will understand what and what not to do. We are living in an easy time where everything can be done instantly. However, things take time in business. Let’s look at those four seasons.  1: Planting season You are taking action to […]

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  • Human adaptogen

    Human adaptogen

    I’ve had a few people in the past show as human adaptogens. When we work on making people well, we may encounter these people – hence, I wanted to share some information. what is adaptogen Adaptogens are plants and mushrooms which usually grow in very harsh, difficult climates. They may grow in deserts or extremely […]

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  • Kaizen will transform your business and life

    Kaizen will transform your business and life

    Have you ever heard the word, Kaizen? Kaizen means to keep improving. Many Japanese people have Kaizen in mind and thus try to improve themselves and their work. When we apply Kaizen, our work environment and life both become clearer and flow more smoothly, at ease. 1: Check unnecessary items. If you have something to […]

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  • Why your business isn’t taking off

    Why your business isn’t taking off

    There are two main focuses in business. Most of us focus on only one half of this pair. When we start to balance both focuses, the building blocks of your business start to take shape. 1: Study business. When we first start our business, we need to study how to develop our business. This is […]

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  • How do we get more referrals as a wellness entrepreneur?

    How do we get more referrals as a wellness entrepreneur?

    It’s crucial to keep attracting new clients – especially when you’ve just started out as a new wellness entrepreneur and want to be discovered by potential clients. We also want to find quality clients that make your work more joyful. However, excellent quality, valuable, repeat clients tend to come through referrals. That means you want […]

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  • How to build a solid wellness business

    How to build a solid wellness business

    When you first start your wellness business, you’ll tend to develop just one leg of the business. For instance, if you do yoga then you’ll just teach a Yoga class. While this is a good start, you aren’t building a solid, sturdy business. I recommend three legs of business, which I call Mayumi’s tripod theory. […]

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  • Best marketing for wellness business entrepreneurs

    Best marketing for wellness business entrepreneurs

    I have encountered so many wellness practitioners who are unable to support their life. You have invested a lot to learn those skills, put many hours to refine those skills. However, you are unable to sell your services with the added amount of those investments as value, unable to cover even necessary monthly expenses. Selling […]

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  • 7 wellness business examples with energy healing

    7 wellness business examples with energy healing

    Doing energy work, promotes balance of the Body/ Mind / Spirit. Energy healing can be applied in many different wellness businesses. I will list 7 ideas utilizing energy healing. You don’t have to do just energy work by itself. 1:Skin care, beauty industry with energy work I myself have a skin care studio and provide […]

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  • Marketing Myth

    Marketing Myth

    Follower numbers do not equal your business volume. Do you use any marketing tools? How about social networks? One of the biggest mistakes is to be consumed with your number of followers. It some cases it is relevant however, with wellness entrepreneurs it is a MYTH. For instance, on my Instagram, I had my first […]

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  • Wellness practitioner attire

    Wellness practitioner attire

    Professionally groomed, smile and uniform. Being professionally groomed your hair and having a smile brings higher vibration towards potential clients. You always want to give a good impression to your potential clients.  This does not mean that you have always been made up by professionals. However, so many have neglected the importance of this, and […]

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