Marketing Myth

Follower numbers do not equal your business volume.

Do you use any marketing tools? How about social networks? One of the biggest mistakes is to be consumed with your number of followers.

It some cases it is relevant however, with wellness entrepreneurs it is a MYTH. For instance, on my Instagram, I had my first three new booking requests after my follower’s numbers were just 272. It was just seven weeks after I started using my Instagram business account.

One of my consulted clients got her first booking by posting on IG (Instagram), when she only had 150 followers! She had just started learning about social networking and was posted twice a week via Instagram. The follower’s numbers do not equate to your business volume. So please do not get discouraged!

My facial clients do not click the LIKE button most of the time. However, they always mention something about a post that I have written. So do not get discouraged if you don’t get many likes.

Define yourself to stand out

The most important thing is to define yourself and your business. What type of services do you offer and connecting with the audience that is looking for your service? You can read this blog to figure out your audience first.

How to find your niche

This is not as easy as it sounds, however you will be amazed that it is much less work than trying to be popular and aiming to become an influencer.

You are not in a game or a high school popularity contest. You are a wellness entrepreneur offering to balance the Body/ Mind /Spirit, and life changing services. Try to find your real target audience instead!

You want to aim like cupid and release an arrow towards your potential client. It is not quantity; it is quality.