How to find your niche

Define yourself and your target audience(client)

What kind of services do you offer and who you are serving? These are especially important questions. You must have at least one service that you are confident about and can deliver the result that clients are looking for. You might say that you can do many things, however, that is too vague of a description and will not ring a bell to your potential clients. Imagine if you will that your service is like a radio station. People are searching for an answer or solution to their concern and turning a knob to find the right station. You want to be discovered as a potential problem solver with the right clients.

Identify your strong points, find your niche

By identifying your strong point(services), you can identify with those who are looking for those services. For instance, if your strength is in acne facials, you know that your clients are going to be people who are suffering from acne and parents who have children who are self-conscious about their acne. Friends and family may take notes and pass your business information on to others.

When you define your services, you also find your niche. You may feel that you are limiting your services, however it is the opposite. When you find your strong points, then you know who to reach out to when you start your marketing. Your message will reach directly to the people who are looking for it. So, you also find your target audience (your future clients) by defining yourself.

Once you build trust with these strong services, then you begin to branch out. You will notice that people will start to ask if you provide other specific services which you may not yet have offered.

How to find the niche

What is the story of your wellness business? How did you get into this? You were once that client who was looking for a solution, turning that knob, and then tuned in to the right station.

Your potential clients are like you. You solved your problem, then you got much, much better. You understand those people’s feelings, and you can give them practical advice with your services. That is your niche.