Human adaptogen

I’ve had a few people in the past show as human adaptogens. When we work on making people well, we may encounter these people – hence, I wanted to share some information.

what is adaptogen

Adaptogens are plants and mushrooms which usually grow in very harsh, difficult climates. They may grow in deserts or extremely cold environments like Siberia. In order to survive in such extreme conditions, these plants and mushrooms build exponential amounts of nutrients inside of them. Just consuming a little bit of an adaptogen will give those nutrients to the animals living in those environments. There are less than 20 adaptogens in the world and their medicinal value is highly praised.

So, what is a human adaptogen?

For me, it’s a sign that this person has lived through such tough, difficult conditions. However, in order to become a human adaptogen they must work hard, not just invest their time and effort. It is not a short, cheerful road. When I meet those people, I always inform them of the bright possibility of becoming a human adaptogen – meaning, their life experience becomes nutritional for others going through similar situations.

This is my personal opinion, but I believe that we can turn anything into nutrition in life. Cultivated soil is key to the abundance of the harvest.
Some of you may see potential human adaptogens from time to time while practicing as a wellness practitioner. Be mindful of them. They may need a different practitioner to you, so refer them to the best person that you can think of.