Shift and move forward!

90 minutes spot consulting

Are you planning to be an wellness entrepreneur? Are you stuck and unable to figure out what to do next?  I will answer your questions. I need to identify what struggles you have and what you have been doing to move your business forward.  If you have a website, or social media accounts, that is helpful. If you do not have them, do not sweat!

I will list things that you can take into action.

Client Testimonial

It has been so long! This is Noriko who had your spot consulting before. I have been working for 3 years this fall.  At that time, I remembered that you told me that it would be three years before the results came out at the hotel spa. Thanks to you, the number of repeat customers is steadily increasing. I want to study business and start a personal business next. I am glad that you consulted me at that time.
~ Noriko, U.S.


Make a quantum-leap!

Three months consulting

  1. First six weeks, you will learn first how to build your wellness business and refine your needs via six weekly classes. Lecture is one hour to one hour and a half each lecture. A textbook will be provided. After each class, you will be asked to submit your answers by email.
  2. After finishing the first six-week classes, there will be follow ups within 30 min to one-hour weekly consulting time using zoom or other tools. After three months, including the first six-week classes, the course will be finished.

Client Testimonial

During I was taking three months consulting, I could make realistic and concrete monthly and annual goals.  And now I can take detailed actions to realize what I had vaguely envisioned.  For example, I started a new course that I had been contemplating about before but couldn’t put it into action. I created a course, and three people immediately booked for it. Inquires for services and booking has increased!
~ T. Elting, U.S.