To get to your goals/destinations

If you are starting out as a wellness entrepreneur, this may be hard to imagine. However, my recommendation is to start training your mind to set certain goals in a year later.

Set your first destination as a goal

Without any destination, you will get lost. You are captain of your own ship, meaning that you are aware of your destination for now. Once you arrive there, you can set other goals as your next destination. So, nothing small or big, you need to set somewhat of goal and make that into reality.

Create backtracked logical actions

Your goal is the Macro view of destination, and you will start backtracking how you can get there. Then you start work for micro plan, called logistics. This is not wishing, saying affirmations over and over. Those may shift your thoughts a little at that moment, but most of the people don’t take actions afterwards. Action is the vehicle to get there. Most of the people don’t think about it, which means they don’t have a realistic plan, just wishing or saying affirmations to make that into reality.

Have a realistic plan: Create logistics

I have met a person who is inspired to have her own studio as an esthetician. She believed that pricing $30 per facial will be a fair price and she wants to make $3000 sales per month.

Not even think about rent, supplies, electricity, and various insurances, if you want to provide $30 facial and produce $3000 sales. Just quickly you can calculate $30×100= $3000. Therefore, she needs to do one hundred facials per month.

  • Can you get booking for one hundred facials per month?
  • You are new in business. How do you attract 100 people every month committed to come for facial?
  • How many facial that you are physically possible to do?
  • What are the things that you can do to make this into reality?

It is ok to be discouraged for a few days

This realistic picture often discourages us or gives up. Most people have a big aspiration, but they don’t always have a clear guidance that they will commit and make that happen. Logistics is particularly important. Without it, you have a challenging time getting to your destination. You need to face realistic scenarios and start creating your logistics.

Work towards logistics and make Kaizen

Once you have logistics, take action every day, be mindful of your first destination. My goal was to pay my rent which was equivalent to three facials. That was my first goal/destination.

If your logistics are not working or difficult to see the result, make Kaizen. My opinion is that we invest in people who have done it and can consult with you and give you some guidance to get to your destination. Or you will be spending such time idling which cost a lot more in life.

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