Intuition or impulse

Wellness entrepreneurs, especially energy workers, are often confused by intuition and impulse. While there could be a remarkably similar feeling, the two are quite different.

Unfortunately, when you drive your business via impulse, your business will have difficulty sustaining itself.

Let’s find out if you are trusting your intuition or acting on impulse.

If you are impulsively running your business, you tend to be scattered around in all directions. This makes your clients nervous, as if you are lacking in consistency then they will end up leaving for someone else.

This means that you don’t get repeat clients or referrals.

Being impulsive, you are:

  • Not grounded
  • Easily distracted
  • Lacking in consistency
  • Excited by fads

Being intuitive, you are:

  • Set in the core concept of your business; it doesn’t get derailed
  • Not distracted
  • Grounded
  • Consistent
  • Able to identify fads without getting distracted by them

You act particularly impulsively when you are lacking in a goal/destination. There are some things that you can do to organize your thoughts, then take action towards your business growth.

1: Declutter and Kaizen your environment

This clears stagnant energy and helps establish a nice flow of energy in life and business. The Japanese do this mindfully as a part of their culture.

It works!

You can use Kaizen in your life and business, making the flow better first. Decluttering your environment will help you to see clearly what you are doing and thinking.

2: Figure out your core concept of business.

Many people offer a similar practice. Thus, in order to have more people acknowledge your particular practice, I highly recommend you establish your own niche before you branch out into other services.

Even if you can do many things, you want to focus on what you’re really good at and stand out. That is a faster way to get noticed.

Here is my blog article about finding your niche.

3: To find your first destination, create the logistics to get there

I explained about this in detail in this blog article. This will help you navigate from your current point to the next.

If you don’t sort out the logistics, you can get stuck in the same place for long periods of time.