Four seasons of business

There are four seasons in business, too. When you know these four seasons, you will understand what and what not to do. We are living in an easy time where everything can be done instantly. However, things take time in business. Let’s look at those four seasons.

 1: Planting season

You are taking action to be known; you want others to know what you offer and that you are ready. However, this is the time to plant the seed. You should not act in haste.

Build relationships with others. Connect with others and let your friendships grow. Don’t solicit your services without knowing whether that person may have an interest. Adding people to your email list without asking consent is a sign of unpopularity – you’re giving off the image that you’re unable to get referrals and always need new clients.

When it’s time to plant seeds, just plant and nurture. Don’t hasten to produce the fruits of your labor.

2: Nurturing time

After planting your seeds, you need to offer water and nutrients for growth. So, invest in learning how to grow those seeds. Let them nurture and wait. Weed, if you need to. Keep working on how this could produce bountiful fruit.

While waiting for one seed in this nurturing time, start planting the next. Seeds don’t have to be planted in only one field. Even if you’re terribly busy, people can usually handle three things at once. So, plant three categories of seeds in three different fields while you’re waiting for them to produce fruit. Check each of them from time to time.

3: Harvest time

This is the time when you start to see the results. It may be more bookings and referrals; you will feel that you’re on the right path and taking your business in stride. Enjoy!

4: Cleaning and prep for next season

This is the time to reflect, make Kaizen, and plan for the next season. At first, you may be able to cultivate just one field, but eventually you can add another field to cultivate. These fields create multiple streams of income. You can reduce the slow time of your business.