Business mindset: Haisui no jin 背水之陣 Backwater formation

This has served my life again and again. I often take out wisdom from my culture, especially from Samurai. Their life was devoted to being warriors, always facing life/death. They had to train their minds unshakably in difficult circumstances.

What is Haisui no jin

Haisui no jin is translated backwater formation. You are outnumbered comparing your opponent, then taking this formation to counter act. Simply set your camp in front of the water.

This, stationed Samurais realized that there was no way to escape from this situation. Try to swim, they may have to abandon their weapons or horses. This just giving more opportunities to be killed by the opponents.

The best strategy is to face them with their might! Fight and win!

There are a few stories about how they overcame their size and won those battles. When we believe in ourselves and just keep moving forward, it unleashes the miraculous power within us.

The opponent is your fear

So, in business settings, the opponent is YOUR FEAR. When we are trying to achieve which, we never accomplished before, our brains will try to negate and protect us from potential harm. From ancient times, it has been in our DNA.

However, that scary possibility is just a possibility. It never happened. There are fascinating possibilities that exist equally. All we need to do is trust your gut feelings, and just keep moving forward with your might!

Once you win over your fear, and accomplish something that even considered as miracles, really happens. I personally experienced it many times and some of you have the same experiences.

If you have doubts, think about only your great outcome. Don’t listen to others who have never achieved what you want to achieve. Keep your focus and prove that you can do it, then those people will no longer interfere with your goals.

Set your mind to backwater formation! You will breakthrough soon or later.