Anime and energy work

Are you an energy worker who thinks that your work isn’t accepted in the place you live? Don’t think that you’re in the minority. My guess is that energy work will be the norm as a wellness tool within the next 5-10 years. That time is very near, and I’ll explain why I feel this way so strongly. You may feel that my explanation is odd, but please read ahead if you’re open minded.

Pay attention to the theme

I am a holistic esthetician, one of my specialties being acne. I have quite a few teen clients. I’ve noticed an increase in parents contacting me to do energy work for their teens, with or without facial components, over the last few years.

Many of those teen clients are huge fans of manga (Japanese comic novels) which are then made into anime (animated Japanese TV and film), streamed all over the world. Don’t reject the notion because you assume they’re for children or nerds – the stories are often incredibly deep and inspire you to become a better person. They’re also becoming increasingly popular among adults and young adults.

I started to watch them less than a year ago and I was really impressed with many of them. Importantly, many of these popular anime use energy work, or at least the fundamentals.

Anime and energy work examples

Demon Slayers: Netflix

A story about demons who eat humans and humans who fight those demons. Its setting is after the Japanese Samurai era, Taishō. These special fighters called Demon Slayers use breathing techniques combined with special swords which are made from special stones containing Sun energy.

Those Demon Slayers use their powers in diverse ways: some have a keen sense of smell; others interpret energy patterns into musical scores. If you’re an energy worker, you’ll have learned that everyone perceives energy differently. Some can hear, some can taste or smell. Some just know what it is. This anime’s presentation isn’t that far-fetched at all.

When watching this anime in Japanese with English subtitles, you may be surprised to find the English translation uses vocabulary like solar plexus and aura.

Jujutsu Kaisen: HBO

A modern Japanese high school for special sorcerers. They eliminate curses which were created through many humans’ negative emotions. Places like hospitals and schools have a lot of sad, unfinished emotions which are starting to take form. Sound familiar?

When you’re watching this anime, you start to understand some form of energy and energy work. It starts to make sense and people become open minded.

Naruto; Naruto Shippuden: Netflix

This is a long-running manga and anime series. I researched and skipped many, many filler episodes, but the fundamental energy work is there. When it gets to Shippuden, you’ll be surprised by how this manga points out fundamental human problems which have been repeated over and over in history. Medical ninjutsu is hands-on energy work and sage mode is so cool!

Anime and Duolingo

The language app Duolingo analyzed that Japanese is the most-studied language among generation Z in the US right now. I feel that there’s an extraordinarily strong connection between the population of anime and manga and the popularity of studying Japanese.

This means that, all over the world, people are starting to understand and accept some form of energy work.

With that said, how you present your work to others will become another key area.

Explore many different fields and areas of interests so you can identify how you can connect with others and explain energy work at their level of understanding.

Don’t be saddened that energy work is still misunderstood or you’re currently among a minority. I can feel the shift happening now.

Be ready!