7 wellness business examples with energy healing

Doing energy work, promotes balance of the Body/ Mind / Spirit. Energy healing can be applied in many different wellness businesses. I will list 7 ideas utilizing energy healing. You don’t have to do just energy work by itself.

1:Skin care, beauty industry with energy work

I myself have a skin care studio and provide energy work with or without a facial. When we are lying down, our energy is ready to be replenished. When your client is resting, infuse with energy work. It enhances your skin care work and rejuvenation of Body, Mind and Spirit.

Clients will be so cheerful when they leave your salon/studio. The clients will see and feel the results. You can offer energy work with or without facial.

2: Coaching, Counseling, Consulting with energy work

When you are talking with someone, you can empower people with infused energy work. You can offer energy work sessions separately or while you are doing your counseling or coaching.

When I do wellness business coaching work, I often find the clue from the client’s verbiage. It stands as a clue, why my client got stuck in a certain situation, and unable to move forward. I ask specific questions to get to the bottom of that resistance or fear. When my client is ready, I simply address that and start working together using energy work. This clears many mind obstacles.

If you are a counselor, you can incorporate energy work and address the root of the cause without revisiting the traumatic story.

3: Functional Medicine with energy work

As a part of functional medicine, energy work will amplify for the better result. There are various wellness practitioners who understands the importance of energy work.

Many wellness centers have energy workers. Energy work compliments with all other aspects of functional medicine.

3: Acupuncture and energy healing

Enhance acupuncture with energy work. You can energize acupuncture needles when you do acupuncture. Your clients will often feel better and relaxed that way more effective results can be produced. You will be surprised.

You can offer energy work separately or with acupuncture. You can make your own original style.

4: Massage therapy with energy work

One of the problem of being a body worker is, massage is hard on your body! Adding energy work separately helps make less physical work. That is one option and I know many massage therapist do energy work separately.

When you learn energy work like Quantum-Touch, your massage itself needs less pressure, and yet more effectiveness. Your vitality will be increased and you will have longevity.

5: Reflexology with energy work

Reflexologist can add energy work under their sleeve too. It will enhance the reflexology when you add energy work while you are doing reflexology. You can work with much less pressure, so you are less tired physically.

When you offer energy work as a separate service, you can rest your hands while you do energy work, less physical stress on your hands, and enhance your business longevity.


You consult Nutrition or do wellness coaching through food. You can enhance vibration of food with energy work. Especially for children, they may not be good at sitting still to receive energy work for 30 minutes, but you can charge drinks and food with energy. You can teach how to do that too. There are many possibilities.

In old times, people said bless the food. That was not coincident, people knew the power of increasing vibration of food. Weight gain and other problems that people want to address; those issues are from nutrition often attached to a negative self-image. You can teach how to empower their thoughts through energetically charged food.

7: Animal healing with energy work

This is very popular and many pet owners love and seek energy work for their four-legged family members. You can do healing for their physical condition, many veterinarians have energy worker information, or they offer the service at their practice.

Animals may not sit still, so it is a great idea to energetically charge their food and water. They will be so happy.

Energy work can be utilized in many professions

Energy does not have a certain shape or form, so its application is limitless. However it is a great match within the wellness industry. Don’t limit yourself for application, I highly recommend infusing energy work with something.

I personally utilize energy work at my skin care studio and offer numerous services. Your mind is the only limitation.